Monday, November 25, 2013

Apologies, Promises and Other Stuff That Isn't Fun to Read

Sooooo, I kind of dropped the ball, didn't I?

If there are any regular readers (specifically those who were keeping up with my Halloween recommendations), I owe you an immense apology for bailing on my "31 Days of Drew" series. There's a lot of things I could blame it on (I was the best man in a wedding, I took an out-of-state trip that I didn't plan on, I had a semi-flirtation with sleeping pills etc.), but in the end, it really is my own unpreparedness and lack of follow through that muffed the whole thing up. So, I'm sorry.

There's a lot of personal reasons I haven't written anything, but that's better saved for some other blog. Instead, I want to rededicate myself to some things I've been meaning to get on here. Most importantly, the sequel to my article about sequels, "The Terrible Twos." That's the first and favorite thing I've written for this blog, and I have a whole list of films I want to cover. That's the most important thing for me.

Secondly, I want to branch out beyond film and write about some other forms of entertainment I enjoy, but I don't consider myself quite as well-versed in. These will also include just random opinions about... well, anything really. Life, the universe and everything. I'll be labeling these as "Drew's Views", and once I finish my first playthrough of Grand Theft Auto V, I should have one up.

I can't promise a certain level of consistency when it comes to the frequency of posts, but I do promise to be as prompt as possible (I'm writing this from my full-time job computer, so if things remain slow, yay!) and not to put out an article or series that I don't know if I'll finish, or haven't already written.

Thank you for reading this blog. It seems a small thing, but it means a lot to me.

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