Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I'll still be catching up to all the films I missed this year, but there will be just as many (if not more!) coming up in 2014 that I will feel compelled to see. Here's the top 25 that have piqued my interest. I've arranged them by release date, since trying to rank movies that I haven't yet seen feels kind of pointless. Also, I try not to get too hyped up for certain films, since it's very rare that they live up to the film I've imagined in my head (blame Prometheus). These are all films that, according to IMDb, are scheduled for release in 2014. If something pushes them back or they end up just fading into the ether, don't blame me. And if you think I've missed something, please sound off in the comments! I'd love to hear a really strong argument as to why you actually think Transformers 4 or Night at the Museum 3 could end up not being cinematic cancer. ...Okay, I'll stop being mean now.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


2013 was a great year for film. Unfortunately, I missed out on a whole lot of those films. Between personal and financial issues, I just didn't get out to the theater as much as I would have liked. To be honest, I could easily write a list of the top ten (probably even fifteen) movies I missed out on this year, and there are some big ones that would have probably made this list. Gravity, 12 Years A Slave, Elysium, Upstream Color and a whole bunch of others. And why am I posting this with twenty-one days left in the month? Because I'm probably not going to get a chance to go to the movies again until after the new year. Otherwise, I have a feeling that American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, Out of the Furnace and Anchorman 2 would be vying for spots on this list as well. But, you have to play the cards you've been dealt, so while my top ten list might not be as excitingly diverse as others, it's the best I've got. I'll go ahead and rank them (people like ranked things, I guess) even though it feels pretty arbitrary for most entries. I'd say the top five are the only ones that really have a whole lot of calculated thought behind them. ...That sounds awful. Let's just get started.