Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Thanks for tunneling through the bowels of the Internet and finding my little blog. As the horrible rhyming title suggests, my name is Drew and I will be using this digital soapbox to...well, review. Primarily, I'll be spouting my thoughts about films (since cinema is my one true love. That and Yoo-Hoo chocolate drink) but I'll take this opportunity to rant, rave and sometimes actually review any media that passes my way. I also plan on having recurring articles, showcasing films I like (or hate, depending on my mood that day) and doing in-depth analyses on certain film franchises and such. For example, the big recurring article I plan on doing will be "The Terrible Twos", which will be a critical look at direct sequels to movies. Expect to see one of those shortly, so I won't have to explain exactly what it is. Otherwise, I hope you find my ridiculous opining a nice diversion from all the depressing wackiness of the real world.

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